Real Scientific®

Cannabis You Can Trust

Real Scientific® has been bringing cannabis products to an international audience since 2012. Since then, the Real Scientific® brand has introduced thousands of customers to cannabinoid-infused products.

Real Scientific® is known for first-class cannabis products produced in accordance with our strict quality standards. We bring that same dedication to quality to every product sold in Canada.

Real Scientific® History

Since our start in 2012, the Real Scientific® brand has worked to ensure access to safe, reliable cannabinoids for people around the world. Initially distributed nationally in the U.S., Real Scientific® products would soon accepted internationally. Our products were first to gain government approval in a number of international markets and the first medical cannabis product to be subsidized by a national government.

  • First Cannabis Product Imported into Brazil

  • First Cannabis Product Imported into Mexico

  • First Cannabis Product to be Approved by Paraguay

  • First Government Subsidized Medical Cannabis Product

Our Partner: Salvation Botanicals

  • Real Scientific®

    Real Scientific® is proud to partner with Salvation Botanicals, to extract, produce, and test our cannabis products.

  • Real Scientific®

    Established in 2011, Salvation Botanicals is dedicated to creating standardized, consistent cannabis products. The company operates one of the first fully licensed Analytics Laboratories in Canada, accredited by Health Canada to test cannabis flower and cannabis products.

  • Real Scientific®

    Salvation Botanicals is approved as a contract extract producer, with authority to extract and produce cannabis products within Health Canada guidelines. The company’s 24,000 sq. ft. production facility is capable of extracting and formulating billions of milligrams of cannabinoids.

  • Real Scientific®

    Salvation Botanicals’ in-house analytics team tests products created in the company’s facilities throughout the manufacturing process, utilizing quality controls that exceed Health Canada’s standards.